S.O.A.R. (SIEM, Orchestration, Automation, Response)

  • Your primary Cyber Defense and Incident Response platforms centrally located.

  • Events from the platforms autonomously organized and prioritized in Alert and triage formatting.

  • Autonomous and manual triage capability. 

  • PURVEYOR has standard default security tooling integrated to offset any gaps in security toolsets, i.e., Deception and Sandbox capabilities. 

  • A true command console.

  • Risk and Threat Intelligence Matrix.

  • Plus many more great features, request a Demo today.

XDR (Next Gen., EDR)

  • Real-time Threat Intelligence Detection content and autonomous updates.

  • Multiple feature settings for Detection creation both basic & intermediate as well as expert level coding input command console.

  • XDR by default is part of the PURVEYOR™ integration, endpoint access sold separately.

  • File integrity monitoring, search existing and retroactively.

  • IR notifications i.e., IM, email and other output configurations.

  • Detect, Prevent and listener mode options.

  • Observe real-time attacks.

  • Plus many more great features, request a Demo today.