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Prepare, Plan, & Commit to a Cyber Defense In-Depth Strategy​

Counterveil Advanced Cyber Security

Counterveil was founded to deliver high confidence Cyber Defense capabilities. A decision was made to find a better way of mitigating Risks, detecting Threats and preventing Exploits.

The Counterveil Team has many years of experience in providing solutions to problems ranging from but not limited to Risk Management, Maturity Assessment, IR & Threat Intelligence.


The Counterveil Team has breadth and depth on tools integration, Service Catalog Development, Use Case Output, Attack Life Cycle, SOC/IR Workflow and Purple Team Operations. They have operated in many verticals, a variety of Threat Landscapes and numerous Attack Surfaces during their consulting tenure.

Our S.O.A.R. platform was designed from scratch to solve many of today’s existing problems like Virtual Analytics.

Our S.O.A.R. is a SIEM, Orchestration, Automation and Response tool called PURVEYOR™ formerly Cingulum™. There are reasons why we focus on the SIEM aspect, not just “Security”.

Our XDR solution offers capabilities for your novice and expert level analysts. The framework  is intuitively crafted and built to meet the needs of any organization. There are virtually limitless Use Case possibilities. We offer creative license to write any detection and automation capability.

Our platform is NOT a black box. Our full access offering allows seamless capabilities and features. 

Counterveil, providing solutions and service offerings you can depend on. The tools and support you need to give you peace of mind.

"We are dedicated to our mission, Expertise and the Advancement of Cyber Defense Warfare"

Founder & CEO

Ismael N.



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Counterveil Advanced Cyber Security
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